Power Of The Ordinary

Few places are better for stretching both mind and muscles than the great outdoors. A park's open spaces, playground equipment, trails, gardens, sports fields, and ponds or streams are wonderfully appealing, child-friendly settings where extraordinary learning can happen.

Learning to play with other children Running and tumbling Rolling around in the grass Playing games like hide 'n seek and tag Discovering insects and park wildlife

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Power of the Ordinary Online: a celebration of the rich array of powerful learning opportunities occurring throughout the everyday lives of young children ages birth to six.

Begin your travels through everyday moments with the Power of the Ordinary slide show - a photographic journey of young children's everyday natural learning environments.

For ideas to make each and every moment filled with learning, visit Everyday Times, the colorful, photographic discovery pages dedicated to children's everyday learning opportunities.

Inform families and other community members about everyday learning opportunities with the Power of the Ordinary Public Service Announcement.

And, for research into everyday life as a source of children's learning opportunities, see the publications of the Orelena Hawks Puckett Institute.

Take a closer look at everyday learning with Power of the Ordinary Posters and Video.

Enjoy the journey of learning...

Power of the Ordinary is an activity of the Center for Dissemination and Utilization at the Orelena Hawks Puckett Institute.